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How to Cleanse One’s Colon

It can be difficult, to answer the question of how to cleanse one’s colon, because of all the information on colon cleansers buy dihydrocodeine being bombarded in the media. Each of the colon cleansing treatments claim to be the only solution to your problem.

Why is colon cleansing important? Your colon is designed to get rid of waste and toxins from your body. Its other main function is to provide you with the adequate amount of nutrients that your body requires. A slow colon or an unhealthy colon can not function. Toxins and waste begin to accumulate. You do not get the sufficient amount of nutrients that you need. You start to feel tired, irregular, bloated and constipated.

Choosing the right cleansing treatment plan is a matter of trial and error. Each method works differently.

The options available to you are: colonics or colon hydrotherapy, enema, laxatives, herbal colon cleansers and oxygen based colon cleansers.

Colonics or colon hydrotherapy has to be done in a clinic and administered by trained colon hydro therapist. The main idea is to have repetitive flushing of your colon. This procedure requires the insertion of tubes into your rectum which are in turn connected to colon irrigation machines. It is expensive.

Enemas are the same idea as a colonic. There is only a single flush. It is done in the privacy of your bathroom. Enema kits can be purchased at any drugstore. It is self administered. It may be difficult for some people to do this procedure on their own.

Herbal colon cleansers are products which combine digestive stimulant herbs in capsule, liquid or powder form. The cleansing treatment usually lasts for a certain period of time.Herbs have been used for centuries in the far east to treat digestive problems. You should read the label of the product very carefully. Avoid cleansers which contain artificial additives. Everything in the cleanser should be organic and natural. Learn what side effects the products may have.

Oxygen based colon cleansers do not use herbs. It comes in either capsule or powder. A chemical reaction allows oxygen to be released and loosen build up feces and toxins for elimination.

Laxatives are synthetic. They contain chemical additives. They offer immediate relief from constipation but do not perform a cleansing function to the colon

All colon cleansing treatments have side effects. You should consult your doctor before attempting a colon cleanse.

The purpose of a colon cleanse is to put you on the right path. If you do not follow the procedure with a healthy diet and exercise program, you have wasted your time and money.

Your Diabetic Meal List

Now first and foremost, it should be known that a person with diabetes should eat from all of the 5 food groups and make sure that they have plenty of protein, vegetables, fruits, nutrients, Lipids and carbohydrates in their diet. This is where the diabetic meal list comes in handy, you will be able to tell which fruits and veggies that you can eat for example.

It should be stated at this time that if you are diabetic, then you know that you should definitely eat more vegetables than fruit because fruit tends to be on the sweeter side, the whole point of being diabetic is that you can’t have too much sugars right? Also, it is common sense that you should stay away from sugars such as ice cream, chocolate and any types of sweet desserts because these are loaded with sugars that the diabetic food list will define as NOT the type of foods you should eat.

It is also stated that a person with diabetes should stay away from fats like fried foods and animal fats. This will not only harden your arteries but also add to the waistline too! A person who is following the diabetic food list will surely be eating steamed foods or boiled foods. There are some dishes that you can prepare that are steamed that taste divine!

It bears mentioning that the only types of oils that the diabetic food list recommends for someone with diabetes to cook with are olive oil, soy bean oil and finally corn oil. Now here is a quick run-down of what a person can eat that is in fact recommended by the diabetic food list.

Milk, can drink fresh milk but never sweetened milk.

Vegetables, both fresh and/or steamed or boiled vegetables will provide your body with the nutrients that you require to get through the day.


Meat, should at least have an intake of at least 100 grams per meal, be sure not to eat meats with a lot of fat.


Fiber, every one needs fiber in their diet to stay regular!

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