Some criminals choose to prey on people who live alone. They think people who live alone are home renovations easy targets. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from such criminals. Alarm systems are a good safety precaution that will help you feel secure. You can also use the following tips to ensure your safety.

Window Trap

Its no secret that criminals like to use windows to get inside homes. Theres a way you can stop a criminal right in their tracks. Take a piece of wood about the size of a shoe box. Hammer nails through the wood. With the nails facing up, place the wood underneath windows you feel are vulnerable.

In order to better conceal the board, try painting it so that it matches the floor. You can also cover it with a thin towel.

If a criminal tries to sneak through the window, its unlikely that the board will be noticed. Stepping on the board can cause severe injury. Its enough to disable an intruder. If you are in the home when the intruder gains entry, the board may very well save you from harm.

The Tape Trick

Some criminals are quite skilled at picking locks. What if a criminal were to pick your lock while you were gone? An ambush could be awaiting you once you get inside your home.

Use tape to tell if your door has been opened while you were away from home. Get a clear piece of tape. Connect the tape to the bottom of your door and the door jamb. You can also connect it to both the door and the floor.

If you arrive home and see that the seal has been broken, there is a chance someone is inside of your home. Call the authorities and have your home checked out.

Remote Control Lights

These lights can help you stay safe at night. If you suspect there is a prowler outside your home, you can turn on a room light without having to be in that particular room. For example, if your bedroom is on the second floor, you can turn the light on in the kitchen on the first floor without leaving your bedroom. If someone is trying to gain entry through your kitchen door or window, the light may scare the person away.

Fortified Bedroom

You can rest peacefully if you have a fortified bedroom. If you don’t have one already, get a thick door for your bedroom. Use a single-cylinder deadbolt for the door. Place security bars on your bedroom window. If an intruder were to get inside your home, you would be safe in your bedroom until the authorities arrived.