footless for newborn baby girlThere is a debate amongst parents as to which kind of pants to buy for babies. Should parents opt for pants with feet that cover the baby’s toes like socks would? Or should they instead go with footless pants?

There are reasons behind choosing either of these options. For footless pants, the argument is that babies will outgrow the footies too quickly. Many parents believe that footies are a waste of money and that they will only be useful for a short while. This may be true of some babies, but others grow slower, and footies may be the better option in those cases. Babies that are breast fed tend to grow faster, so those parents should consider using footless pants for them. There is nothing wrong with buying footies for any baby, but parents need to realize that the baby may outgrow them before they get use much.

The reasoning against buying footless pants is that many babies have a hard time keeping their socks off. Whether the socks tend to be too lose or just fit them poorly or whether the babes just rub heir feet together until the socks come off, it’s often a mystery how many babies lose socks over the course of the day. It doesn’t take them very long sometimes, as they can get rid of the socks in a matter of minutes. Footies are preferable sometimes, then, because they forgo the need for socks entirely, and parents don’t have to be looking for that lost bit of clothing.

There are pros and cons to either type of pants, and parents need to make the decisions for themselves when they buy newborn baby girl clothes and boy clothes. They may want to go with a pair of each, just to have some options. They can find some great selections if they visit sites like newborn baby girl clothes. They have a lot of online resources available to them that they can make use of to find great deals on high-quality baby clothing and find their newborns just what they need to stay warm and comfortable.